Going Cruelty Free

It all started about 8 years ago when we started buying free-range eggs. All of a sudden everyone was aware of the way battery hens were kept and how awful their living conditions were. My mum came home with free range eggs one day and that was it. I haven’t bought – and I would like to think I haven’t eaten – a non free-range egg since. Then Cadbury’s made the infamous mistake of using palm oil in their chocolate. The response that Cadbury’s received from the NZ public to this was outstanding. No-one would buy Cadbury’s chocolate anymore. Everyone started buying the slightly more expensive NZ-owned Whittaker’s chocolate (which to be honest is so much nicer anyway). Cadbury’s ended up having to discontinue their use of palm oil to get their business back. So there I was, aware of palm oil and the effects it has on the rain forest and it’s wild life, and I was aware of battery hens. I still check the ingredients list for palm oil when I grocery shop and I still only buy free-range/organic eggs.

Up until about 2 years ago these were the only major cruelty-free/environment issues on my raider. I had never really been that into make up, so owned mascara, foundation, maybe a couple of eye shadows and some bronzer. I knew that cosmetics were tested on animals, but I guess the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ really plays a large part in this. I would always sign petitions that came up on Facebook to stop animal testing. I believed in it, of course I did. But I guess I never really looked into how my purchasing of make up was contributing to the animal testing issues I despised so much. Slowly I found myself becoming more and more aware of animal testing and how not only cosmetics were tested on animals, but your average household cleaning product – your toothpastes, your shower gels, your perfumes – the lists go on. I was cleaning the shower one day and the fumes of the cleaning product I was using were making it hard to breath. I had the shower door open and the window open to try and get some ventilation and I remember thinking; ‘if this is so horrible for me with ventilation how does this affect the animals this product is tested on, in a lab, with no fresh air? Not only does the product go in their eyes, their mouths and is put on their skin, they also can’t breath because the fumes are so strong’.

That was the beginning of my lifestyle change. I started researching cruelty-free products, looking for blogs which recommended cruelty-free make up and started changing the products that we owned. Along with that came the trial and error of all the new products I was buying: which ones worked, which ones didn’t, which ones I loved, which ones I hated. Its been a long journey and I do not expect that my journey to live cruelty-free is anywhere near over. I want to use this platform to help others who are looking to live cruelty-free, share with you my woes of abandoning some of my favourite products, share the joy of finding ones that I love. I want to help raise awareness for cruelty-free as I struggled at times finding brands I could trust and struggled to find people I could talk to about it. I will start writing reviews on products I have tried, from make up to washing powder to toothpaste to toothbrushes. I am more than happy to answer any questions anyone may have about going cruelty-free and I hope to hear from you all.

Until next time…

Anita xx



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