One Stop Cruelty Free Shop – Toiletries

I am one of those weird people who loves the supermarket. I can spend hours wandering aimlessly through the supermarket, planning meals, reading packages, pondering life. When I go to a new country, I look forward to the supermarket trip, so many new things to discover. What will my favourite Trader Joe’s item be? I can buy CRUSTLESS bread in Morrisons – gone are the days of crust waste! While I was living in England I used to make my boyfriend drive us to the 24 hour Tesco Mega for ‘late night Tesco runs’. There’s something about being the sole occupants of a supermarket in the middle of the night that makes me feel immensely happy. Not only is there the delightful aroma of baking bread, there are no lines, no people and I can take my time and examine every item that takes my fancy.

How is this related to my blog you might ask? Well I like to ramble a little at the beginning of a post and I want to show everyone how easy it is to buy cruelty-free products. I thought it might be helpful if I did a post on what you can get from the supermarket on your weekly shop. Obviously there is far too much to include in just one blog post, so I will make them a reoccurring thing and have a different topic each post. And as I am fortunate enough to do quite a bit of travelling, I will do this for overseas supermarkets as well, just in case people outside of New Zealand read my blog. Gotta keep things relevant!

Today I will talk about toiletries, a very important topic! Smelling good and looking clean are very important aspects of everyday life. So here it goes –

I usually shop at Pak N’Save, but New World and Countdown also stock these products.

Body Wash

Ecostore – Coconut & Vanilla, gentle & nourishing body wash. I have been using this product for a few weeks. It has a very subtle yet pleasant scent, I do however prefer a stronger scent for my body wash. I have quite senstive skin and found this product to didn’t irriate my skin in any way. It contains no cocamide, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium laureth sulphate, synthetic dyes or perfumes. The packaging is recyclable, its environmentally friendly and is made in NZ. It also has the PETA cruelty-free bunny logo. The body washes range between $7-$9 and they come in three different scents which come in a 400ml bottle. Although I personally don’t love this product – mainly because the scent wasn’t strong enough for me, I like to come out of the shower smelling like the product I have just used – I would recommend it. Its easy to find, hassle free,  cruelty-free, reasonably priced and it does what its meant to do and doesn’t cause irritation.

Only Good – Healing, natural body wash. This is a product I have only recently discovered,  and I have been using it for about a month. It smells really, really good. I found that this product also causes my skin no irritation. It has a long list of baddies that it is free of (see above photo), they say they are cruelty free on their packaging, but do not have this supported with a certified cruelty free logo. I had to email them and they responded with the following-

“we do not test on animals, nor do our suppliers, and this applies to our raw material ingredients and the overall finished good”

The body washes range between $6.50-$8 and with that you get a 445ml bottle which come in 4 different scents. I love these products, they all smell amazing. I definitely recommend it. Again, it’s easy to get, reasonably priced, it’s cruelty-free, made in NZ and does a great job and makes your shower just that little bit better. The only negative comment I have about this is that it is a pump bottle, so isn’t the best for travelling.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Ecostore – dry, damaged & colour care shampoo & conditioner. I am not one to usually use supermarket brand shampoo and conditioner. I am quite fussy with my hair and have been using salon shampoo and conditioner for a few years now. But for the sake of this post, I have been using the Ecostore shampoo and conditioner for the last few weeks. I’ll be honest up front and say that I am very pleasantly surprised.

  • Shampoo – I found the shampoo goes for miles, you only need a little bit and it makes a really nice lather. I always rub the product between my hands to get an even distribution and start at my roots with a massaging motion and then work my way down to the ends.  I do find that after I have rinsed the shampoo out my hair feels particularly dry.
  • Conditioner – I was quite surprised after the first use of the shampoo at how dry my hair felt and was eager to see how the conditioner counteracted the dryness. I squeeze out a large amount of conditioner (lets be honest, we all use far too much conditioner) rub it between my hands put it on the ends of my hair and work my way to the roots.  The change from the dry feeling to silky soft was almost instant. I leave my conditioner in for a few minutes and rinse it out.

I have blow dried and let my hair dry naturally with this product and both have been fine. I found that after the first time I used it, I didn’t need to wash my hair again for another 4 days. For me this is great because I find washing my hair annoying and time consuming. It has been around the 3 day mark since then, which is still good in my opinion. My hair has been silky and soft with hardly any knots. Ecostore also sell a normal shampoo and a volumising shampoo. They cost between $8-$10 for a 220ml bottle. I think this is quite expensive when you consider you are only getting 220ml, and when you compare it to other supermarket brand shampoos. However, I really like the product, so I wouldn’t mind paying that to buy it again. Like the body wash, these bottles are also recyclable and the product contains no dimethicone, parabens, synthetic dyes or perfumes. I definitely recommend this product, it does a really good job, again its cruelty-free, recyclable, made in NZ and environmentally friendly. All the good things.


Red Seal – This my friends, is the toothpaste my boyfriend refers to as ‘hippie toothpaste’. Trust me, you can get far more hippie toothpastes. Red Seal have 4 different toothpastes all of which are paraben free- Smokers, Baking Soda, Natural and Propolis. They range from extremely minty (smokers), to quite minty (baking soda), to bearable minty (natural), to propolis. The propolis one confuses me, its minty yet kind of honeyish. I wouldn’t recommend this one, and if you’re allergic to bees, stay clear! The other three I really like, we have been using these toothpastes for about 2 years now.

  • Smokers –  very, very minty, and sort of gritty. It has some kind of mint crystals in it. Its meant to help reduce staining and keep your breath fresh.
  • Baking soda-  slightly less minty than the smokers and is formulated to help whiten your teeth.
  • Natural-  a pleasant level of minty. It doesn’t mention whitening or any other extras. It just cleans your teeth. Natural is probably our favourite.

I haven’t noticed either the Baking Soda or the Smokers make my teeth any whiter (alas), but they are still good toothpastes. You are able to pick these up between $3-$4 in 100g-110g tubes. Red Seal do not have a certified cruelty-free bunny logo and I haven’t yet contacted the company directly. But from what I have read online and on their website, I believe them to be cruelty-free. This is the only cruelty-free toothpaste that I have seen at the supermarket so unfortunately there isn’t much choice. I do like them however and suggest you definitely give them a go.

I hope this is helpful for your next shop and I would love to hear what some of your favourite cruelty-free products from your local supermarket are.

Until next time,

Anita xx


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