Lush Toothy Tabs

du7vnfh7I bought these Toothy Tabs a few months ago and have been meaning to write a post on them for a while. So as its Monday and I am feeling the need to be productive between episodes of Outlander and deciding what I am going to have for lunch, I thought I may as well smash out this post.

I popped into Lush a few months back to get a bottle of their All Good Things perfume. I had been round at a friend’s for a few wines and smelt it on her and fell in love. So that coming payday I went into Lush to pick some up. You know how the story goes; you go into Lush wanting one thing or just to have a look and come out with bath bombs, face masks, the thing you actually wanted, and in my case…  Toothy Tabs.

I didn’t know that Lush had started making dental hygiene type products – and I am a sucker for any new trend – and at that time I was really wanting to try a charcoal-based toothpaste. So I was pretty happy when I stumbled across these Boom Gunpowder Toothy Tabs. I was given a little demo on how they work by the shop assistant and decided on a whim to give them a go.

Each bottle costs $12.90 (NZD) and with that you are getting 100 tablets, so one bottle should last you just over a month. The tabs are vegan friendly and come in a recyclable bottle.

How To Use

  • Wet your toothbrush
  • Place one tab between your teeth and chew to spread around your teeth
  • Brush normally with your wet toothbrush


The tabs are in a solid brittle form (about the size of the breath mint), so once you have bitten it they break  up and spread easily enough. They then start to react with your saliva and fizz up, similar to sherbet. They have a slight berry-like taste which is both sweet and salty.

Once you start brushing the fizzing mellows out and you can brush normally. The foam does turn a light grey, which doesn’t stain your teeth or gums; just make sure you’ve wiped the corners of your mouth thoroughly before leaving the house.

As much as I wanted to love these, I find that nine times out of 10 I will use my normal toothpaste. I think my main issue is the taste: sweet and salty has never really done it for me and the initial phase of breaking the tab up brings a very intense burst of this flavour. After I have rushed to get my toothbrush involved everything does mellow and but that initial part I find quite unpleasant.  In saying that, I do think they clean your teeth really well. My mouth feels nice and clean afterwards, its just missing that minty freshness.

I believe there are four or five others flavours that you are able to get these tablets in, one of which is mint. Perhaps I will have to give the mint ones a try. But for now I will stick with my regular toothpaste and I’m sorry to say I won’t be in a hurry to purchase these again.

Has anyone else tried these – or a similar type of tablet – in another flavour? What were your thoughts on them?

Until next time,

Anita xx



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