Cruelty Free Deodorant


So lets talk about deodorant. Deodorant is an essential part of every day life (well for me at least). I don’t particularly enjoy sweating and am generally pretty concerned that I’ll end up being a bit stinky at some point throughout the day.  I mean the reality is that I don’t, but its always niggling in the back of mind. Do I have sweat patches? Can I lift up my arm? I’ve just walked 400m in a rush, my forehead is misting up, my under-arms are definitely not fit for the public eye. Does anyone else get really hot and sweaty while you’re trying on clothes? And then there’s always that dreaded realisation that you DID in fact forget to put deodorant on that morning.

My transition from ‘regular’ to cruelty-free deodorant was one of the last things I changed when going cruelty free – no-one wants to be sweaty and smelly – so I left it as long as I could. I just wasn’t 100% sure I could trust any new products. For whatever reason, all the cruelty-free deodorants I’d come across were also natural. I hadn’t tried natural deodorants before and although I knew the ingredients in mainstream deodorants were bad for me, they stopped me sweating and I was wary of giving the natural ones a try.

But nonehteless, lets jump right in…..

Eco by Sonya Driver – Coconut Deodorant


Sonya Driver is the founder of EcoTan, a very popular fake tan brand who also incorporates personal care products under the name of Eco into her business. I bought this deodorant from She Live Cruelty Free for $16.95 (NZD) quite a few months ago now. It is certified organic and vegan. The scent is very subtle with a slight hint of coconut, for me it smells more like a baby powder scent. The deodorant is unisex, I have however struggled to get my boyfriend to give it a go because he doesn’t want to smell like coconut or baby powder. It has a screw lid and a roll on applicator. The formula is clear and is the consistency of a thin gel, pretty much on par with any standard supermarket deodorant. The thing I learnt very early on with natural deodorants is that they don’t stop you sweating, they just stop you from getting smelly. I don’t love this deodorant and have others that I would use over this one. It does work, however the scent of the deodorant itself is too subtle for my liking. I prefer a nice bold scent. If you were looking for a natural, almost scentless, organic deodorant, I would definitely recommend this. But if you’re like me and prefer a bolder scent, I would suggest one of the following deodorants.

Tom’s – Original Care Deodorant


I bought this deodorant on a work trip after I realised I had stupidly forgotten to pack any deodorant. I haven’t bought any Tom’s products before. I just knew that they were cruelty-free and I recalled people saying positive things about them. I picked this up at a Trader Joe’s supermarket in LA. I can’t remember exactly how much it was but will say between $4-8 (USD). This was quite literally the only deodorant the supermarket had so I bought it. The product is unscented but I would say it has a slight tea tree or lemongrass smell to it. The deodorant itself is in a solid balm form, you wind it up and apply the balm directly to your underarm. The texture is not like anything I’ve used before, its almost like a jelly, a really hard jelly and it sort of melts onto your skin. Like the Eco deodorant the smell with this one is nowhere near strong enough for me and I don’t think it did a particularly good job at keeping me fresh. I did a work out wearing this deodorant and came back smelly. I wouldn’t purchase this deodorant again, but will keep in my bag for emergencies.

Lavanila Laboratories- The Healthy Deodorant


I bought the smaller bottle of this in Sephora quite a few months back. When you wait in line to check out at Sephora they surround you with lots of checkout items you “may” need and I saw this. I bought it for $8 (USD) and hoped for the best. The deodorant is once again a solid balm which you wind up and apply directly to your skin. The formula is white and more creamy than the Tom’s deodorant. The bottle I picked up came in the scent Pure Vanilla, which I found a little soapy smelling at first. However, the scent grew on me and I liked that it was more bold smelling. This little travel sized bottle lasted me months and I used it almost everyday. I’ve never been smelly while wearing it and it definitely helps to keep me feeling fresh. When the small bottle ran out I was hoping to get it in the full size, but unfortunately the full size was sold out when I went to get it. They also do a sports version and a vanilla lavender scent. I currently have the vanilla lavender as they were also sold out of the sports. The vanilla lavender is not as nice as the pure vanilla, but I suspect it will grow on me. I really like these deodorants and will continue to buy them and definitely recommend anyone looking for a natural cruelty-free deodorant give them a go. You’re able to pick them up here in NZ, but they’re quite expensive.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant- Bergamot and Lime


I bought this deodorant at a vegan festival earlier in the year. I saw the stall and as I was already on the hunt for a good cruelty-free deodorant I thought why not give them a try. I didn’t know anything about Schmidt’s at the time but later found out that they are very well respected within the cruelty-free and vegan community. This deodorant cost me $20 (NZD) – a lot to spend on a deodorant, I’m not going to lie – so it was a slightly painful purchase but the people selling it seemed lovely and they promised me it was good. After smelling the vast selection of scents I decided to get the bergamot and lime. It was a really refreshing bold scent, all things that I like. It took a while for this deodorant to grow on me; it is a solid balm that you wind up and the texture is sort of gritty and crumbly. When applying it I felt that it was pulling on my skin more than it needed to be and it made such a mess, the formula crumbed off my underarm, crumbed all over the floor and left quite a bit of the product around the edges of the bottle which got squished all down the sides when you put the lid back on. All of these annoyed me, deodorant shouldn’t be messy and it shouldn’t hurt to apply. But I stuck with it and it became easier to apply, it stopped pulling my skin and started making a little less mess. But the product was amazing. The scent lasts all day, you can go to the gym and still smell nice afterwards. You still sweat but you smell lovely. The application to this day still bugs me, but I will forgive it because I think the deodorising aspect is great. You are able to pick Schmidt’s up at iHerb for $12.68 and I definitely recommend giving them a go.

Have you tried any of these deodorants? What are your thoughts on them?

Until next time,

Anita xx



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