Two Thousand Seventeen


We’re over a week into 2017, I am up and out of bed at a surprisingly early hour (for me) and I am sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea, the veranda doors open, listening to the morning world go by, reflecting on life.

I was at the supermarket yesterday and as I was loading my groceries into the car I saw some students from my old high school. High school still feels like it was yesterday, I still feel as though I am that carefree 17 year old who always got too drunk at parties and was so in love with my high school boyfriend. But I am not –  I mean I was loading organic fruit and vege into my car, for goodness sake. When I was 17 I had no idea what I wanted to do with life, life was fun, an adventure, an opportunity do whatever I wanted. I embraced that; I lived, I had freedom, I had really goods friends and a sensible head on my shoulders and I made the most of it.

Fast forward 10 years and I am sitting in my lounge writing this post, yet another year is over. I’m a grown up now. In a matter of days I’ll be turning 28, and you know what? I still have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I am happy, I am still young, I am healthy, I have amazing friends and family, my boyfriends pretty awesome too.

Now that a new year has dawned, everyone puts so much pressure on themselves to become a better person, to achieve new goals, to make extravagant new year resolutions. I am guilty of this; every year I say to myself ‘I am going to be a better person’ do I ever achieve this? Do I even know what makes me better? What do I mean by better? Is it being better at my job? Better at saving? Better at going to the gym? Better at being kind? Better at being not being judgmental? Better at cleaning? It could mean almost anything, it could mean all those things, it could mean being better at every aspect of your life. I’ve decided thats too complicated.

Remember what you liked about yourself from last year, what you enjoyed, what worked and embrace it.

This year I have decided I want to be more driven and motivated and to apply this to my work, my blog and possibly even exercise. Whilst still striving to be a good person.

So watch this space

Until text time,

Anita xx



  1. Love this logic! Just as important to look back and see all the good that you HAVE achieved then to set unrealistic goals that you’ll give up in 2 weeks. Congratulations on all you’ve done and who you’ve become and good luck on doing even better in the New Year!!!


  2. Ditto, I want to be motivated in all those things also! I’m coming home at the end of Jan, we should def meet up for a blogging date, ideally somewhere super instagramable 😉 happy NY! xx


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