Five Easy Travel Tips


20160327_194650We all love to travel and as the world continues to get smaller and more and more people are travelling, I thought I would share some of my travel tips.

Water Bottles

We all know that planes are an extremely dehydrating environment. Whether you’re on a short 3 hour flight or a massive 17 hour stint, staying hydrated is key to helping you feel just that little bit better as you step off the plane. My biggest piece of advice for anyone travelling is to bring a drink bottle with you – just remember it needs to be empty to go through security. Most airports have drinking stations scattered throughout the terminal these days, so you are easily able to fill up any bottles before getting on your flight. During the flight your crew will be more than happy to refill these for you.

Bring Your Own Snacks

A lot of people don’t realise that you’re actually allowed to bring food through security, as long as the food isn’t too liquid. Pots of yogurt over 100ml won’t make it through I’m afraid (speaking from experience). But fruit, sandwiches, salads and crisps are all fine to bring on the plane. I especially recommend bringing your own snacks if you have dietary requirements or food allergies. I wouldn’t rely on an airline to provide snacks that fit all dietary and allergies requirements, even if you have ordered a special meal. Having some back-up food just in case is a much better option than discovering you’re going to be famished until the next meal service.

Tomato Juice

Yup, tomato juice. Who knew that the humble tomato was your best friend at 34,000 ft. I don’t know how, nor do I know why; but if you’re starting to get that gross ‘I’m on a plane’ feeling (y’know, the one where your head just feels rotten and you’re a bit queasy?) Not air sickness, but just a yucky unpleasant feeling? A glass of tomato juice will sort you right out. I promise.

Don’t Drink Too Much

This is a bit of an obvious one, but seriously, there is nothing worse than feeling drunk on a plane. By all means, have a celebratory glass of bubbles or two, or a glass of red with your dinner. But getting carried away on the drink will leave you feeling hungover before the flight is even over. Feeling worse for wear in a cramped, stuffy environment is awful. I’ve done it once, years ago and never, ever again. And as alcohol is dehydrating you’re also cancelling out any efforts you make to stay hydrated. Refer to Tip No.1.

Be Nice

Air travel is stressful, we all know this. Running frantically through an airport to catch your flight is the worst. For varying reasons people may walk on a plane feeling stressed, scared, sad or angry. So just be nice to one another, be patient, smile and greet the person sitting next to you. Ask the lady who is travelling alone with a baby if she needs a toilet break and someone to watch her wee one. Being kind is cool. And maybe one day someone will repay the favour.

Let me know in the comments any of your travel tips and tricks!

Until next time

Anita xx


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