The Botanic Alchemist



Having never been a make up wipes kinda girl, skincare has always been somewhat important to me. Cleansers and moisturizers have always been at the forefront of my daily routine and as I’ve got older (and a little better off) I have introduced a few slightly more luxurious items to my skincare. Over the last year, I feel as though I have nearly nailed my skincare regime. Aside from having a constant hormonal breakout around my chin area, the rest of my skin is looking the best it looked in years! So let me introduce you to a core staple of my current routine; please meet – The Botanic Alchemist Cleansing Oil.

I love cleansing oils. I have used a few different brands over the last few years and have loved them all. Most recently I have been using The Botanic Alchemist.

The Botanic Alchemist have created a range of natural products that are made without any water. This means that the products they are producing are free from preservatives, fillers, emulsifiers and other synthetic ingredients. Their range is completely vegan and they are proudly cruelty-free. After discovering the brand on Instagram, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their products.

I have been using my cleansing oil daily, although initially I was using it morning and night; I loved the way it would melt off my makeup after a long day at work. However, I have since reduced to using it only in the morning – but only because I have another cleanser that I love equally as much which I now use in the evening. Waking up and smoothing this beautiful oil all over my face is heaven. Its full of citrus essential oils and the aroma is invigorating and welcome as I start off my day. I prefer to use the oil in the morning as I feel it nourishes and hydrates my skin for the day ahead.

My skin does have a tendency to be a little on the sensitive side, but I would say as a whole I have combination skin. My skin has had no negative reactions to the product, and although I would like to say that the oil is suitable to all skin types, I would probably try the oil at night time first if you have oilier skin. I haven’t noticed my skin being more oily since using it, but sometimes its nice to put your mind at ease with a little trial period. And on the contrary, an oil based product can actually assist with oily skin. So give it go.

The cleansing oil comes in a a beautifully minimalist 100ml dark brown bottle, with a pump applicator. To use the oil, pump 3-4 times into your palm. I then rub the oil between my palms to warm it slightly and then massage all over my face and down my neck. If I have time I will massage into my face for up to a minute, if I am in a rush it will be 10-20 seconds. I then use a warm flannel to rise my face and neck to remove any excess product.

As you may be able to tell, I completely love this product and suspect I will have it in my skincare routine for the foreseeable future.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. I also love hearing about your experiences with similar products.

Have a great week

Until next time,

Anita xx


Check out The Botanic Alchemist’s full product range at

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