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Netflix and I have very close bond. Netflix is my pal when I’m tired, my pal when I’m lonely. Netflix saves me from going to the shops and spending money on needless things like makeup and sometimes food. Netflix aids my lazy ways and fuels my procrastination. Because I spend a lot of my time overseas living in hotel rooms, my relationship with Netflix has flourished. I mean what better way to spend a 24 hour layover in Honolulu than cooped up in a hotel room with my loyal friend, Netflix?

So yes, we have established I waste countless hours with my laptop in bed. I thought I may as well put this to good use and share some of my favourite shows. Galley Gossip (yes, this is a technical flight attendant term) will often gravitate to what you’re currently watching on Netflix. As I am always on the hunt for good recommendations, I assume others are as well, so here they are, my favourite Netflix shows to date.

  1. Jane The Virgin – this show was constantly popping up on my “trending now” and “recommended for you” categories. I read the synopsis multiple times and thought it sounded stupid before finally giving in and watching it. I have now been watching this show for about 3 years and I love it. It breaks my heart, it makes me happy, it makes me cry, it makes me laugh. Its witty, clever and constantly surprises me. The storyline is too hard to describe; there is a lot going on, and I wouldn’t do it justice. But if you’re after something feelgood, binge-worthy and unique, please watch this show and follow Jane and her family on an unpredictable adventure.
  2. The Killing- I have recently discovered that I have an addiction to a good crime drama. I picked this show at random, and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was at least 3 episodes into the first season before realising I should be asleep. It took a few months to watch it all and I enjoyed every minute of the dark and gloomy vibe the shows portrays. Its set in Seattle and I don’t think you see sunshine once; its constantly rainy, moody and grey. It really sets the tone of the show, its also perfect to watch snuggled up in bed. The relationship between the main detectives is enticing, they both have “demons” and watching their relationship develop is enthralling.
  3. Grace and Frankie – Someone recommended this show to me and I loved it from the first episode. I’ve laughed out loud at some of the lines in this show and have come home to my boyfriend and made him rewatch the funny bits with me. Grace and Frankie are two very different, yet hilariously funny woman. After their husbands inform them they’ve been having an affair together for the last 20 years, Grace and Frankie find themselves living together. The show then follows the aftermath of this event in an endearing comical way. Of course there are times where its gets serious and you’ll shed a few tears, but watching these woman and their families adjust to their new lives is addictive. I think it might be one of my favourite shows ever. You can easily watch this from start to finish over a rainy weekend. You’ll love it. Oh and Martin Sheen as a flamboyant gay man is brilliant!
  4. Luther – Another crime drama, but this time, British. The British really do make some outstanding TV. It took me a few episodes to warm up to this one, but once I got into it there was no turning back. Every free moment I got would be spent watching this. I loved Luther’s character: he’s a difficult, emotional detective who doesn’t do things by the book. Your typical impulsive male TV detective I suppose. The series follows an array of murders which Luther and his team solve. Doesn’t sound like anything special, but I promise once you’re into it you will want to keep watching more. A fourth season has recently been realised on Netflix and I cannot wait to get into it.
  5. Narcos – I’m not sure where to start with this show. My boyfriend and I watched it together and could not stop watching. It consumed our lives. Narcos is about Pablo Escobar and his drug cartel. I didn’t know much about the guy prior to watching the show if I am honest. My boyfriend knew his story but we both enjoyed it equally. So if you know the story of the guys life, it doesn’t make the show any less gripping. The show is shot from the perspective of two American detectives who move to Colombia to try and catch Escobar. The first two seasons follow Pablo Escobar, whereas the third season focuses on a rival Colombian drug cartel. It is all amazing and I highly recommend watching it.

Honourable Mentions

The Good Place – I have watched this show through twice now and I ‘forking’ love it. Great if you’re after an easy watch and feel like laughing.

The Keepers –  This is a true crime documentary about the unsolved murder of a nun. Although this show is rather dark and depressing, you will want to keep watching. A great and interesting documentary.

Archer – An animated  show for adults. Archer is the main character and is, basically,  a bit of a douche. He works for a spy agency and is the greatest spy in the world. I have watched Archer all the way throughout at least twice now and am hanging out for Netflix to release a new season. There are currently eight seasons, so a great time waster.

Santa Clarita Diet –  Just watch it, its a little bit silly. The show follows the life of a real estate agent (Drew Barrymore) who turns into a zombie. Very easy to watch and very funny.

Gavin and Stacey –  I have watched Gavin and Stacey 3 or 4 times now and it recently showed up on Netflix, so y’know I watched it all over again over the course of a week. If you haven’t seen this show and you like British humour, you will love this. It has everything feel good you need as well as a rollercoaster for the emotions. Follow the love story of Gavin and Stacey. You will not be disappointed

So thats that. I definitely need to watch less TV.

What are your favourite Netflix shows? I am currently watching Dexter, but will be in need of more recommendations very soon.

Until next time,

Anita xx




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