Somerfield Hair Mask Review


Its a Wednesday morning here in Auckland, I have started a 30-day yoga programme on Youtube, and I have just completed day two of my yoga (on day four, whoopsie). As I have already started the morning productively, I thought I would also get better at blogging and write up my review of the Somerfield hair mask.

I was recently sent some products by Somerfield Beauty to trial. Somerfield are new to the beauty scene and provide luxury at home, no fuss hair treatments. Their products are organic, eco-friendly, paraben and sulphate free and of course cruelty-free. They are however, not vegan as they do use some bee byproducts. Somerfield provide a range of haircare products to restore, strengthen and hydrate your damaged or dry hair.

I have long, fine, dead straight, mostly uncoloured hair. I started growing my blonde highlights out two and half years ago and have embraced the ol’ natural hair since then. The ends of my hair where the blonde is yet to be cut off are quite damaged and dry, the rest of my hair I would say is in relatively good condition. I rarely straighten or curl my hair, and blow dry about 50% of the time. I love a good revitalising hair treatment so jumped at the opportunity to try them out. Somerfield sent me a pack of three hair masks caps and a pack of three protein boosters.

The first time I used these products I only used the hair mask. The protein booster is highly concentrated to treat hair damaged from bleaching, straightening and permanent curling. As most of my hair is now natural I decided to not use it the first time round. I had bit of a mare with the first application of this product. I had just arrived home off a 12 hour flight, so perhaps (almost definitely) my brain wasn’t as sharp as usual and I wasn’t thinking things through properly. I read the instruction for the cap. After shampooing your hair you apply the cap and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. I decided I was going to apply the cap in the shower after removing the excess water from my hair and turning the shower off. I highly recommend not doing this. I opened the cap with wet hands, thus making everything slippery, tried to get my hair in the cap and then couldn’t find the sticker to secure the cap on my head. I ended up having to get out of the shower and get my boyfriend to do it for me. I then waited the 10-15 minuets which is recommended before washing it out. It became apparent quite quickly that my hair was too wet as water kept dripping out of the cap and down my face and body as I waited for the time to be up. I found the experience to be a little high maintenance, but I put that down to mostly user error and perhaps the instructions could be a little more descriptive. However, I made it through and my hair felt lovely and  SO soft. Much softer than it has felt in a long time; even after it got greasy a few days later it still felt soft.

Feeling a little silly taking selfies in a towel 

My second time using the cap I decided to use the protein booster as well. I wanted to use the products together (as is recommended) and I also wanted to see if there was a difference in the results. I learnt from my pervious application and got out if the shower and towel dried my hair this time round; the instructions say to remove excess water with your hands. I recommend a towel dry. I then applied the protein booster – paying more attention to my bleached ends – and then spread what was remaining to the rest of my hair (I was pleasantly surprised about the amount of product that comes with the booster) and then put on the cap. This was a much more successful approach. Drier hair and dry hands make a world of difference. There was no leakage this time round and I was able to happily potter around the house for 15 mins before rinsing it out.

I found both applications to have much the same finished result.  My hair was definitely softer, shinier and looked revamped. I also found my hair looked more voluminous. All things I like in my hair appearance. All and all I think these are great products, the protein boosters probably have more of a long term affect, which may be why I didn’t see an obvious difference. And like I mentioned earlier, my hair isn’t hugely damaged, but I can definitely see how these products would restore hair more damaged than my own. And I can confidently recommend the product.

If you feel like treating your hair to a little pamper session, have a little nosey of the Somerfield website. Somerfield have also kindly offered my readers 10% off their orders, just add “GOINGCRUELTYFREE10” at checkout and enjoy. You can also check out Somerfield Beauty on Instagram.

As always I hope you enjoyed this little review and I’ll catch you next time

Anita xx

Please note this post contains affiliate links

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